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I turn personal struggles into a universal language, forging connections and fostering empathy. As a child, I experienced selective mutism – the voluntary inability to speak in certain social situations. Navigating early-onset depression and a resistance to accepting my circumstances, I found comfort in the silence of drawing.


My mission is to break down the barriers of silence, providing a visual language that invites open dialogue on challenging topics. Each piece is a testament to the power of visual communication, encouraging vulnerability and shared experiences to unfold.


Throughout my work I have explored topics of grief, sexual assault, female objectification, and the exploration and reconstruction of online personas. My portfolio spans various mediums, including drawing, painting, photography, installation, and performance. 


Lately, my attention has returned to drawing, the medium that initially captivated me on rainy school days. Here, in the world of art, I found my element—my sanctuary where self-expression began and continues to flourish.

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