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Assault Course

Two installations, screen prints on plywood. 


Exploring the possibilities of inverting the Male Gaze, through creating work that is aware and inclusive of the viewer. Employing audience participation to alternate positions of spectator, subject and object.


The project began after an unwanted encounter with a male flasher (someone who deliberately exposes their genitals, and/or self-pleasures to people in public places). Typically, male flashers are male, and their victims female. Psychological studies find that the motivation behind such acts comes from the desire to inflict shock and fear on your victims. 


The artist navigates the spectator through the installation. Dictating the path as she directly confronts them with the female form. The assemblage ends with a tunnel — the viewer must crawl inside for a private viewing area. Opening up discussions on female objectification, exhibitionism, and sexual harassment.

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